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FemmeDeWedding: Part Deux

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

It's 2018 and one of my resolutions is to post on the blog more regularly! I promised to post more wedding photos about....4 months ago? I definitely failed to post in a timely manner due to craziness with the shop, Dapper Day, my new full-time position and the holidays! This has seriously been on my to-do list every week and every week I had to push it to the next because my plate was just too full. I'm really working on balancing all of my responsibilities more this year and I'm really excited for some of the different blog posts I have planned. 

So enough blabbing on my part. Are you ready to see more photos of one of the best days EVAR!?

First, I have to give credit to Theresa Bridget Photography for these amazing photos. I am beyond in love with them. Every time I look at them I get chills and all the memories of this amazing day come rushing back, which I think is exactly what anyone would want from a wedding photographer, right? 

So first, pre-ceremony photos! 

I just love this one with my mama! How cute is she in her mint dress?! If I could have made her one of the maids of honor I would =P

Laughing with my mom! I love this candid shot! I think I may have been teasing her for crying haha!

 Helping me with some of my wonky curls because my hair is so thick and when I moved around they went a little haywire! I had the best bridesmaids ever!

I also chose to do a "first look" with my dad before we walked down the aisle! It was such a fun moment and he was so cute. Ok bye I'm gonna start crying again.

 My Dad walking me down the aisle. This is the only picture where I don't look like I'm about to LOSE IT completely. This moment was seriously surreal. In most of the pictures my lip is trembling and I'm frowning and it's all because I was trying my best not to bawl all the way down the aisle. The song the wedding party walked down to was "La Valse d'Amelie" by Yann Tiersen from the Amelie and my dad and walked down to "Mia & Sebastian's Theme" from the La La Land Soundtrack.

Getting MARRIED!!!! Our officiant was Paul's nephew and one of his best friends, Mito. We love him!!!

This is the face I'm talking about haha! I PROMISE YOU I AM NOT SAD!!! This is when Paul read me his vows and I almost had a breakdown because they were so sweet and romantic and yeah that's it. That's all I gotta say.

Introducing Melanie & Paul Cancino!

This is the face you make when a) you're excited to be married and b) you can now focus on having fun instead of worrying about tripping down the aisle or throwing up or fainting or all of the above.

 Now for post-ceremony pictures! I love this one!

The back of my dress. A million buttons but so worth it. Why can't I wear this dress every day?

Inside the Heritage Museum Kellogg House. I am obsessed with how this one came out!

Another one because this is just my fave and I'm the bride and I do what I want.

In front of the Kellogg House!

How perfect is the lighting in this one? I love everything about this!

With my beautiful bridesmaids! I had them each pick their own dresses because I didn't want it to be super uniform and I love how it turned out!

Beautiful bouquets by Melanie from Bella Blooms in Anaheim!

 The full wedding party!

And now time for the reception!

Paul and I walked out to the song "Hypnotize" by Notorious B.I.G. which was non-negotiable because this West Coast born Persian-Ukrainian gal is an East Side lover at heart. #BIGGIESMALLSFOREVER

Love this shot of our first dance. We chose a cover of the Paul McCartney song "Amazed" sang by Jem. Because  the BEATLES. and Paul is my favorite Beatle and not just because that's also my husband's name =P