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Femme De Bridal Shower!

Hello again lovelies!

I am so excited to share some photos from my bridal shower two weeks ago because I love them so much and I love how it all came together! It was everything I wanted and much more! Every moment was wonderful and I really felt so absolutely loved and cherished afterwords. I really could not ask for better human beings in my life and I feel so grateful.

First off...a HUGE thanks to my talented friend Angela for taking photos for me! It gave me peace of mind knowing that I could enjoy without worrying I have to capture all the entire day. Some of you insta peeps may know her as @themanysidesofang but her business profile is @jugonphotography so make sure to check it out for more gorgeous photography!

So I know technically other people plan a shower for you and to an extent my mom did that...however, my control issues and the vision I had for the theme led me to do a little more than I probably needed to for the shower. Honestly though I enjoyed EVERY minute of the planning, especially when it came to the decor, so I have no regrets! My only regret is my anxiety prior to the event, which was a quite unnecessary and led to my first bridezilla moment -_- I guess it was bound to happen at some point but ugh! Melanie! I have since forgiven myself and so have my bridesmaids/anyone else who was in the crossfire and I am hoping that another moment does not occur between now and August 26th =P

So the theme...Paris! Of course...because I'm FEMME de bloom! I chose this theme because I adore french desserts (macarons! eclairs!), the eiffel tower, french music (Edith Piaf! Serge Gainsbourg!Jacques Brel!), french writers/philosophers (Jacques Derrida! Victor Hugo!) and much MORE! I even had a ridiculous obsession with Jacques Cousteau as a child because of my marine life preoccupation. So duh, this theme was a no brainer.

First, decor photos!

For the centerpieces, I chose these gorgeous gold Eiffel tower statues from paired with flowers arranged by one of my two maids of honor, Suzette! Suzette is super talented and will be helping me with the centerpieces for my wedding as well.

Photo cred: Angela Jugon @jugonphotography

Eiffel Tower Centerpieces: Amazon

Flowers: Costco and Albertons :)

White lace planter: Oriental Trading

Of COURSE the photo backdrop had to match the theme! My only regret is not getting a large backdrop or doubling it because it did not fit fully in a picture. Oh well, what can ya do?

Lace backdrop and fans: Joann's

"She Said Oui" Banner: Party Perfect Boutique on Etsy

My bubbly bar! I love it so much! We had champagne and three different types of juice and fruit to mix it with. Mimosa heaven!

Bubbly bar banner: UrEnvitedToo on Etsy

I love these swizzle sticks so much! Another Amazon find available here.

Cups and straws also from Amazon! I have no self-control and prime shipping so it's a bad combo.

The dessert table!

Tablecloth, banner and cupcake holder: Amazon

Trays: Daiso Japan

Lollipops: Party City

One of the several games we played at the shower! Guessing the ages of me and my fiancée. This had a couple hiccups because I wrote down the wrong ages for some and everyone started debating! But I had a blast either way! This was designed by one of my super talented bridesmaids Mayra!

Now...on to the guests..and my OOTD of course!

I was sooooo excited to wear this dress!

Dress: Vera Wang for David's Bridal

Bride Idiom Bangle: Kate Spade

Me in my true form


First and foremost, my most important bridal shower guest and the wonderful human who hosted the party: my MOM. This woman is my best friend, my role model, and literally one of the most beautiful people I know. She was so amazing throughout the process of planning the shower and is still helping me so much with wedding plans! I love her to death!!!!!

My bridesmaids! Minus my beauty Shaudi who lives in New York and was not able to make it! I almost considered photoshopping her in because it was not the same without her! But you'll see her very soon on the blog because we have the bachelorette party coming up, woo!

I am so thankful to these bee bees for coming early to help me set up and for helping pack up after the party was over. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so much LOVE. Also can we talk about how good looking my friends are? Sorry, NOT SORRY!

From left: Roxy, Jamie, Mayra, Jade, Suzette, Gilda, and Ashley!

If it wasn't for my Etsy shop and Instagram, I never would have met the lovely ladies in this picture. Thanks to our shared love for Disney (and so much more) I have made some amazing, wonderful, extremely supportive friends who I am so thankful for!

Top from left: Christina (@nerdpoppins), Patty (@iamtheampersand), Amanda (@mandapete), April (@la_velvet_belle), Kitty (@kittypackard)

Bottom from left: Lydia (@bluelydia), Jasmine (@sugarsweetswing) and Angela the photographer extraordinaire! (@themanysidesofang)

Of course, a photo with my galentine Tisha (@teamsparkle) whose friendship and support I am so thankful for! She's a pink pastel QUEEN.


There are so many pictures I'm missing so if anyone reading this attended the shower and has some SEND THEM OVER PLEASE I LOVE YOU!

Thank you so much for reading this ridiculously long post - I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed putting this post together!

<3 Until next time!


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