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Book Worms UNITE!

Hi friends! I am so excited to announce the return of the "Book Worm" Collection in the FemmeDeBloom Etsy shop! I LOVE books and reading so much so I'm hoping to make this a permanent collection in the shop that I just keep adding to!

I also wanted to dedicate this blog post to some of the cute book themed goodies I've found because I know my fellow book lovers will appreciate them as much as I do! recent book themed #OOTD

I don't get the chance as much these days to put outfits together due to my busy schedule, so this made me super happy!

Skirt: Lindy Bop

Boots: Amazon

Brooches: ME!

Close up!

The two brooches I paired with this outfit are the "Facts & Memoirs" brooch and the "Love Is Books" brooch from the shop!

Close up of this marvelous bag from Yoshi Lichfield.

They have entire book worm collection featuring ADORABLE BOOK THEMED THINGS. This design comes in different colors and styles and I just love it so much! They also have some adorable cat themed goodies and I love their summer collection! CHECK EM OUT!!!

Now for some other cute bookish things I found on the interwebs!

The Cressida Library Book Print Skirt from Joanie Clothing.


Pairs well with these pins in my shop!!

Available in 3 color options at the moment! Available here.

One of my favorite things to smell in the whole world: OLD BOOKS! Available in candle form on Etsy.

Love this tee from ModCloth!

Which can totally be paired with "The Book Was Better" pins in my shop (available in mint and pink!)

Another t-shirt I love and it made me chuckle! Available on Look Human and the style can be customized!

and last but not least...these FRIGGIN AWESOME SHOES. I found them on Groove Bags!

The print is available in other forms and other styles of shoes too! Pretty cool right?!

If anyone has any other book themed items they love and want to share with me, please comment and link me below because I'm obsessed!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and the new collection in my shop. Thanks for reading!


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