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The Story Behind FemmeDeBloom

Hello everyone! My name is Melanie and I am the owner of FemmeDeBloom Handmade & Vintage. I am also a clinical psychologist and completed my doctoral degree in 2017. While the 2 parts of my life are different in a lot of ways, I find that there are many opportunities to combine my love of creating with my work as a psychologist. I believe that creative expression is such a vital part of the human experience and whenever I can,  I try to improve the lives of others through creativity. I am also passionate about mental health and fighting stigma associated with mental illness, which I've been able to do through the blog and shop!

FemmeDeBloom initially started with an idea I had to make personalized Minnie and Mickey Mouse inspired ornaments and fabric button earrings for my friends for Christmas. I enjoyed making them so much and my friends loved them, so I decided to start an Etsy shop to list them in the following year. To my surprise, the ornaments were a hit and I had so much fun making them that I decided to continue the shop past the holidays and create jewelry and other accessories! My love for accessorizing has grown with every new project! I love working with clay pieces, as well as creating designs to print on fabric and shrink film that I print myself!  I also love antique/vintage jewelry, which is why I had to include some of my favorite finds in the Etsy shop! Every collection I create reflect either my personal style or my interests, which as you can see by the items in my shops, are pretty eclectic! My goal for FemmeDeBloom is to brighten others lives with accessories that are meaningful, feminine, and affordable!

The FemmeDeBloom blog began 2 years ago when I wanted the opportunity to connect with followers and customers of the shop. It has allowed me to use my love of writing to support other small businesses and to share things that I am passionate about. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit!

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