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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Engagement Photo Shoot & Getting Out of My Comfort Zone!

It has been WAY too long since I wrote a blog post! I've had a list of posts I've been wanting to do but life has just been so busy that I haven't had a chance until now. So hello again everyone!

As many of you already know, I got engaged last September to my best friend and the love of my life, Paul. We have known each other about 10 years and have been dating for 6 years consecutively. I say consecutively because when we first met we also dated but it was not the right timing ;) LONG STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY. 

Anyway, I wanted to share my engagement photos with you because for me, this experience was out of my comfort zone in several ways but it turned out to be wonderful thanks to Theresa Bridget Photography, my best friend Jade, and of course Paul! 

So why the heck would this be out of comfort zone considering I take A LOT of outfit photos and post pictures all the time? 

Well, #1 engagement photo always scared me because I've seen a lot of REALLY corny ones and Paul and I aren't "typically" romantic or corny (or maybe we just don't think we are ha ha).  We are romantic in our own weird way and have never really taken professional photos together, especially ones where we are holding hands, etc! So I think that was what made me nervous. 

#2 My control issues. In case you haven't noticed, I have like 3 poses that I alternate in pics because I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING Y'ALL! So it made me nervous to not have control over how I pose or how the pictures are being taken. Plus this was all in public so people were watching!! AHHH!!! Now, I don't mind being the center of attention at times (I'm a drama queen)...but this really made me nervous. 

When I first met Theresa and her husband Greg, we instantly felt comfortable as they were so accommodating and were NOT pushy at all, which can happen a lot when you're wedding vendor shopping.They were both so great and I love the bright, romantic, whimsical tones and lighting in their photos. On the day of the shoot, they were both so great and Theresa gave us all these great directions for poses - and they turned out amazing! So enough of my babbling...here they are!

Photo shoot location: Downtown Fullerton, California

My outfit deets:
Dress: "Behold the Blogger" Dress from Modcloth
Shoes: Chase & Chloe (Purchased at Nordstrom!)

This one is by far my favorite!

I really thought I was going to look ridiculous in this one and I really love how it turned out! The lighting in this area was so beautiful as the sun was setting.

Who would have known we could take a hand holding picture and look CUTE? =P

Theresa also indulged me by taking some OOTD photos for me in my "Behold the Blogger" ModCloth dress because I am so obsessed with it! This isn't usually a pose I would do...but  I kinda love it! I wish I could bring her with me everywhere so she could direct me! 

Paul and I in our natural state :) 

There are many more and I might share them later but I just wanted to give you guys a little sampler since I'm saving some for the wedding!!! Thanks so much for reading and make sure to check out Theresa Bridget Photography for more of their beautiful work!

I'll be back with more blog posts VERY SOON!!



  1. They're all great shots! I think I like the third and fourth ones best. And the one with the goofy faces. :)

  2. Hey congrats on your wedding Paul and Melanie. Thanks for sharing this amazing stuff. It has given me a second thought on making my ceremony a lot affordable