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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Welcoming Autumn with Karina Dresses!

Today is the first day of Fall/Autumn y'all! Hooray! I was excited to wake up here in Southern California to some chilly weather this morning (which means, like, mid 60s...yes, I know). Unfortunately, it didn't last long because the sun is now out and my jacket has become a useless article of clothing to me already. I should just stop complaining before those people who know what REAL cold weather is like want to beat me up =P

Now that Fall has arrived, I'm hoping to make use of some longer sleeves (it's cold in my office anyway so it works ha ha) and I'm starting with my new gorgeous dress from Karina Dresses! Their new fall line is wonderful! In this post, I'm wearing the black with taupe Peggy dress. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for direct links to everything I'm wearing!

I also have to say that one of the reasons I absolutely love Karina dresses, especially for work outfits, is that I never have to iron them (even after washing!). I am SO lazy about ironing/steaming during the week because I'm more focused on either taking stock photos for the shop in the morning if I can and..well..BREAKFAST, because you don't want to see what Melanie hangry/without coffee looks like! So if you're in the market for some gorgeous dresses that are functional and comfortable, Karina Dresses is the place to go! Now for a couple pictures of my outfit..I wore it twice in the last two weeks!

On a different day, I paired it with the "Nose Stuck in a Book" Belle inspired brooch from the FemmeDeBloom Etsy Shop! See additional photo of the brooch up close. Again, list of direct links at the bottom of the post! <3

Sunflower Brooch: Vintage 1960s/Thrifted
"Nose Stuck in a Book Brooch" : FemmeDeBloom


  1. Hi there! Congratulations on both completing your degree and your wedding. Your wedding seems to have been one grand affair. Lucky you! Good luck for any future endeavours.